Download Lmages Of Animals Anthropomorphism And Animal Mind

I wish you all my best wishes for Health!Prosperity! Serenity! Joy!Peace!
Inspiration and Love!
Thank you for connecting with me here at Home and your ongoing support and enthusiasm!
2016 was as they say out there in California a "seriously Gnarly" year
Way too many of my most loved and influential artists have moved on this last year leaving all of us here to pick up the slack
I'd like to think that the "Great Gig up in the Sky" is now grooving very intensely...
and back down here in real Reality we have our work cut out:
keeping the Fire of Love and Compassion glowing and
sharing all of our messages of Love and Peace
we can still do so much in the face of those who would promote fear, confusion and mistrust
Make music! Go out and hear your friends play! Dance!
invite the neighbors over for coffee !
Cook healthy food!

Like Marvin said "we are all sensitive people..." so the real "only to it is to do it" is to keep
on creating a positive and wholesome vibration around you
and create some Major Fun !

I'm looking forwards to moving around a bit here in 2017 so please stay tuned in here and
I will keep you posted
Here's a few Photos from the last gigs in 2016
Enjoy and I hope to see you at the next ones in 2017!
All the Best!

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